I slit my pants

Ello everybody!
Hehe here is my diy slitted leggings! I absolutely love them but I'm scared every time I sit down the slits will rip even more bigger. Only costed me $9.95! Wooot!


If any of you started following when I first started blogging, you would know that these shoes had never been worn. Well guess what? I still haven't worn them! I think I might wear them on Saturday though... Also, these are my favourite pairs of novelty glasses, just thought you'd like to see!


I went to spotlight today and bought this see through checkered fabric. I have made it into a skirt and I put this spotty silk underneath.


Introducing my magazine collection! It's not much but I'm working on it!


Yesterday night I went to see Mao's last dancer. It was the most amazing and touching movie I've ever seen and I highly recommend you go see it! It's based on a real story and I guarantee that it'll bring a tear to your eye.

Mao's last dancer,Movie postersMao's last dancer

Speaking of movies... I really want to see this one!

Valentino,Valentino - The last emperor

Have a super dooper night!

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