Vintage fairy bread

Hey guys, sorry about nearly a weeks delay!
So yesterday I went to the city again for a birthday party. We had a picnic by the river then went shopping. This is the new "vintage" dress that I had just made the night before with a little help from my mum. I swear it would look so much better if I wasn't taking the photo! Omigosh it was really weird, three random strangers came up to me and said they loved my outfit and one for my Karl who bag! I felt pretty good about myself after that haha.


I made fairy bread! Please excuse the ugliness, I was in a hurry!




//Daphne Guiness in Alexander McQueen//
I find this slightly scary! The whole look looks so much better on the runway and what is with her eyes? Are they naturally like that? Well, they go with the outfit perfectly!

Daphne Guiness,Alexander McQueenDaphne Guiness,Alexander McQueen

P.S. I'm currently eating Kettle chilli chips, they are gooood, too good maybe.

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