I heart Alice and shaved heads

First of all, did everyone have a super dooper uber cool Christmas? I don't really celebrate Christmas that much other then getting presents and putting up a Christmas tree. I actually prefer boxing day over Christmas because I get to take advantage of all the good bargains! And I did, but I was expecting to use 6 months worth of pocket money but only ended up using about $65 yay yippeee hoobidoobee!

Anyway, last time I promised to show you some pics of my new haircut and here they are! I also made the tee that I'm wearing, very cool eh?


Currently my favourite model and has been for a while. With her shaved hair, ripped tights and grungy punk look, how could you possibly not love her?

Alice Dellal

Ok, so I'm quite bored with my blog layout and have been emailing and commenting other blogs with nice layouts to tell me what they use and how they do it but none of them are really helping. Does anyone know any good websites with codes and stuff to make my blog look simple and awesome at the same time? No layouts with pictures in the background though! I want a layout like these blogs: x x

Who's feelin' my new Alice header? I luurve it haha, hope you guys love it too.

ALSO, to the anonymous person who commented on my last post saying, "You couldn't make yourself look more like a tweenie bopper fan girl if you tried." Fuck off and maybe spend your spare time volunteering for charity, not looking at a blog that you aren't interested in. Besides that, I love all of my readers, commenters and followers. Keep 'em coming guys, love you!


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