A fishy moomba.

How are you guys? Gooooood?
Well, I sure am. Today I had a psychology outcome which I think I did well in. At recess and lunch, me and my new potential bestie went guy stalking. I was stalking my guy while she was stalking hers and the whole time we were also running away from big killer wasps. My school has a wasp problem, it's kinda ridiculously annoying.

Anyway, I went to the Moomba fest (Y) on Monday with my family (N). It was good... besides the fact that it was with my family haha. I brought my fish eye along which I'm absolutely in love with by the waaaay.

How cool is this anigif? Fairy girl was posing for meee!


At the moment this is what I'm in love with. It's fucking rad and I love the retarded lyrics. My favourite part is this:

"I'm mad, really bad
But don't tell my mum & dad
Pucker up kiss my butt
Cuz I'm bloody fucking nuts
Hear the bass, skinny waist
Now let's copy poker face like
Woow wa oh oh, Woow wa oh oh"

The clip totally goes with my fish eye themed post! Hahah kind of fucking genius I say. xx

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