Denim shirt : thrifted $1
Cardigan : thrifted $1
Leggings : Supre $10

This was my boring outfit from yesterday. Boring I guess because I live in Melbourne and the weather is retarded! Four seasons (if you're thinking about the condoms, NO haha) in a day in Spring means that I can't wear thin clothing so I settled for a denim shirt buttoned up to the top, a cardigan and leggings. I was still very oh so cold though! I also decided to wear some eyeliner, haha I really need a change. Currently looking up smokey eye makeup tutorials on YouTube, so fun!

My sister took these photos if you were wondering!

glee,britney spears

I just finished watching the Britney Spears GLEE episode and it was pretty amazing! I think I've rediscovered my love for the her and her music. Also, Brittany the cheerleader is ridiculous, the things she says... genius. x

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