T shirt : DIY
Cardigan : thrifted $1
Shorts : Deborah K or something : $10
Hat : Jay Jays : $5
Brogues : Rubi shoes $15
Sunglasses : Princes Vintage $15

I went bra shopping today. Sorry is it weird I told you that because I actually find bra shopping quite fun haha. After that I had pizza. Mexicana pizza and it's the bomb y'all. I'm quite tired right now from doing absolutely nothing except listening to some amazing Swedish House Mafia and doing absolutely nothing on Facebook. Yeah anyway, in my last post I told you guys how amazing the weather is in Melbourne right now. Well, it was raining today, the total opposite of yesterday. I don't like warm winter clothes so I just decided to chuck on a pair of nude tights to my summery outfit, hopefully you guys didn't notice on first glance! x

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