Silver, their highest level in 31 years, El Salvador is difficult to borrow. May be counterproductive for money is not bad after all.
Test with the highest levels of silver in the 31-year $ 45 an ounce yesterday, and a lot of investors were calling for the highest. Wall Street, describing the top usually means reducing, and this is where it gets interesting to El Salvador.
The street was buzzing yesterday, as Goldman Sachs was forced to put iShares Silver ETF (NYSEArca: El Salvador) – going to a way to get exposure to silver is difficult to borrow the list. In other words, was a sufficient number of people trying to El Salvador the short run out of stock readily available. But in the land of the European Training Foundation, where the inverse funds provide a short return of the asset and abound, why bother tracking shares of El Salvador to borrow? Why do not you go only ZSL long, and the Silver Fund ProShares ultrashort (NYSEArca: ZSL)?

Not a lot of investors just that. The flow of more than $ 61 million in a fund ProShares yesterday amid expectations of lower silver. But it is important to understand that the fund behaves differently from a short position correctly.
One of the Fund, the ProShares fund is not just a reverse, inverse and leveraged it. Institution provides -200 percent of the return of silver on a daily basis, upside down. That the factor of pressure makes things a bit complicated: the impact on ETFs can be leveraged compounded returns you mess up, especially in markets trendless. It also makes the time period in which investors hold investments of special importance. In this case, reset 2X exposure on a daily basis, and hold up longer than one day subject to the results based on the track.
For a concrete example of how the behavior of ZSL, let’s take a look at the last time when it looked like a silver had figured it out: December 2010. Again in late 2010, and silver in circulation around $ 30 and declined steadily after Dec. 31 to $ 26.29 in late January. This is a healthy 13% gain to a reduction of it. ZSL how those holding to do?
Investors in the ZSL not more than twice as well as reduce El Salvador. Since the Fund’s borrowing – 2X, you might expect the return of two of silver short sale, or 26 percent. But ZSL not even better than that, nearly 28 percent return. Why? The effects of the vehicle on a steady decline in silver.
In this case, the vehicle has worked for investors. In the markets are headed, the path dependency works in your favor with ETFs and directed backwards with the re-day. But buyer beware: Reset the daily work against you in the wilderness, and volatile markets. Silver is definitely a case of volatility can be the matter; daily returns experienced greater volatility than the Standard & Poor’s 500 last year. But during this period, particularly in January, and the trend your friend, and ZSL witchcraft.

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