Lace top : courtesy of SLeepwalker LA
Dress : courtesy of MILK
Shoes : Rubi shoes $30
Sunnies : courtesy of Sunglasses Shop

The lovely Sheryl from MILK sent me this lovely dress. I love the colour and the length, plus it's covered with stars! Thanks Sheryl!

This week has been shit so far. School is screwing with my mind. I'm a bit excited for Friday because I'm going to a social and get to dress up! I'm planning to wear my sheer black shirt under this new strapless black dress I bought on the weekend. Sounds pretty lame but it ain't that bad. I think I just need to get out of the house and have fun. Ooh, I'm currently saving for a RUSSH magazine subscription! I've had a Vogue and Shop til you drop subscription in the past, now it's time for something a little less.. mainstream.

And also, does anyone know how to minimise the space between the photos I post? HELP SOMEONE! PLEASE!

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