Tramp Stamp

The oryginal tramp stamps

Don't know what a tramp stamp is ? Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary

Bacon And Eggz

"Welcome to the internet ! behold my breakfast tats .... and be amazed"

(Hat tip to Angela)

Modern Primitive

Believe it or not but I found this tat on Wikipedia, it can proudly serve as an epitomy for horrible BM in general.


Tattooing a food item around your armpit area is never a good idea .... 

Randomness At Its Best

Meet this guy ...

I can see how this happened, he started with some tribal swirling thingy, and noticed that  he gets attention "nice tat ! (douchbag)" . So he thought "Hmm, they seem to like me... maybe I will tat rest of my face with some random shit .... and heey ... maybe one day I will get laid" . 

(Thank you very much for the conttribution Angela )

Mugshot Tattoo Compilation

As seen on eBaum'sWorld

Zombie Marilyn

It looks more like a Britney, but the guy says it's Marilyn, who am I to argue ...