"Fuck Court"

Here's a heart warming story for you, at the age of 14 this guy was sent to juvenile hall for aggravated assault with fatal consequences, there, he asked his juvie friends to tattoo on his forehead the phrase "Jebać Sąd" (Fuck Court [though, "jebać" is significantly stronger than English "fuck"]). Why ? As he explained "I felt harmed by the court's decision, during the assault I was with two of my friends but they weren't sent to the juvenile hall like I was.". So where's the twist ? Now, he's 21 and he decided to change his life. He will end his sentence in 2010, but in orded to get a fresh start he needed to have his tattoo removed. Although his cell mates mock him, he had it removed (by a painfull skin stretching followed by cutting out the tat).

Dead Hot

Aric Taylor #3 - who's that girl from? I know it, but I can't remember...


Aric Taylor #2 - blinded by colour!

What About (a) Bob?

Today is Aric Taylor day on Pin-Up Tattoos, as I've just been through his myspace to cull three awesome shots for you. This vampy girl is number one...

Just ace!

Cute and understated Kathrine Hays pinup found on BME. I kind of like the cell effect of the outline.