I slit my pants

Ello everybody!
Hehe here is my diy slitted leggings! I absolutely love them but I'm scared every time I sit down the slits will rip even more bigger. Only costed me $9.95! Wooot!


If any of you started following when I first started blogging, you would know that these shoes had never been worn. Well guess what? I still haven't worn them! I think I might wear them on Saturday though... Also, these are my favourite pairs of novelty glasses, just thought you'd like to see!


I went to spotlight today and bought this see through checkered fabric. I have made it into a skirt and I put this spotty silk underneath.


Introducing my magazine collection! It's not much but I'm working on it!


Yesterday night I went to see Mao's last dancer. It was the most amazing and touching movie I've ever seen and I highly recommend you go see it! It's based on a real story and I guarantee that it'll bring a tear to your eye.

Mao's last dancer,Movie postersMao's last dancer

Speaking of movies... I really want to see this one!

Valentino,Valentino - The last emperor

Have a super dooper night!


I like Victoria Beckham, I always have. I've always liked her figure hugging style and her super high platform heels. Sure she's thin, but I really wouldn't mind swapping my legs for hers!

Victoria Beckam,Dsquared2
Victoria Beckham,Elle magazine UK
Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham,Elle magazine USA
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

I read somewhere that David thinks that Victoria's weird for wearing socks to bed. I do that too! I've done it my whole life because when I wake up and my feet are freezing cold! Do you wear socks to bed?


I love looking at the backstage photos from fashion shows. It makes me feel like I'm there.

Michael Kors SS10

Michael Kors SS10 backstage
Michael Kors SS10 backstage
Michael Kors SS10 backstage

Phillip Lim SS10

Phillip Lim SS10 backstage
Phillip Lim SS10 backstage

I'm in love with these red Louboutins!

Phillip Lim SS10 backstage

Marc By Marc Jacobs SS10

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10,Abbey Lee Kershaw
Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10,Cole Mohr
Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10

Jill Stuart SS10

Jill Stuart
Jill Stuart

Tommy Hilfiger SS10

Abbey Lee Kershaw,Tommy HilfigerChanel Iman,Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Anna Sui SS10

Anna Sui
Lily Donaldson,Anna Sui
Vlada Roslyakova,Anna Sui

Alexander Wang SS10

Alexander Wang SS10,Hanne Gaby Odiele
Alexander Wand SS10
Alexander Wang SS10

I want those AW leopard print heels!

Runway to real way

I love this, all our favourite fashion bloggers have come together for a photo shoot with Who What Wear. They all look great!


JESSICA STAM in the October issue of Numero Korea. Super hot as usual! I love her 60's inspired hair.

Jassica,Jessica Stam,Numero KoreaJessica Stam,Numero Korea
Jessica Stam,Numero Korea
Jessica Stam,Numero KoreaJessica Stam

Random photos of me. Like my awesome glasses and my diy pompom headband? New diy tights as well, so simple to make.


Went to the Melbourne show yesterday. For some reason I can't upload any of those photos, photobucket won't let me! Hopefully it'll work soon!

Wishlists and Gossip Girl

I have compiled some pictures of things I really want. It's a shame that these things are either designer, which means they're too expensive, or overseas, such as Topshop! Grrr It's too much of a hassle to buy things over the net, that's why I don't do it often. And postage and handling money? No. When I go over to the US of A, I am totally having a Topshop and H&M shopping spree even if I have no money left. I'll walk back to Australia if I have to! Haha :)


[ Fergie, Christian Louboutin, L.A.M.B, Steve Madden, Topshop, Topshop, Steve Madden, Steve Madden, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Louboutin, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent ]


[ Camilla and Marc, Emilio Pucci, Topshop, Topshop, Roberto Cavalli, Topshop ]



[ Topshop, Valentino, Topshop, Hermes, Mulberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Lanvin, Topshop ]

Oh my god, I'm absolutely addicted to Gossip Girl. Sadly, I am very behind compared to most of you, I'm only on the first season, but I still love it! Question, does Jenny really have 34D boobs? That's what it days on the website, I think they got it wrong!


You know love me,