What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?

Popular topic, Alice in Wonderland. This minxy Alice comes from Vince Villalvazo.

Fat Bottomed Girl!

And now for something completely different, from Kristel!


These wonderful women were all done by Marija Asanovski of Sailors Grave Tattoo. Thanks to reader Lars for the hat-tip. I am absolutely in love with the Snow White one, best tattoo I've seen in ages.

Toth-ally Awesome Reader Submission

One of the best ever reader submissions coming up, a Vargas girl sent in by Lee Ann Toth, done by Jon (Dredd) Kellogg of Crucial Tattoo in Salisbury, Maryland.


Some superb work above from Piotrek Taton, of the UK's finest!

Hula Loopy

New work from Tony Ciavarro.

Simply the Jesso!

A wicked tattoist submission, all the above come from the quite awesome Jesso Lange!

I'd like to take her temperature!

Josh Schwegel and I must frequent different hospitals, sadly.

The Devil Is In The Detail

Nice shading on the nsfw boobies, Brady Wilmott.

Snip Snip!

Another high contrast Mike De Vries masterpiece

The Eyes Have It

Another Gil Elvgren lady, done by Joao Bosco. I think he nailed her 'come hither' expression.

Babes, Sitting

Andrea Ottlewski was responsible for these excellent Bettie Page and Gil Elvgren tattoos.

Ahoy there matey!

A great reader submission from LandPirate, done by blog favourite Joe Capobianco.

Beautiful Noise

New Dawnii

Don't Lose Your Head

This Frazetta-like warrior was done by Matthew Hockaday.

Soto far, Soto Good

Inspired by the earlier post of Ruben's tattoos, I thought I'd profile some of Steve Soto's other fabulous pinups...