There's no better tattoo for a girl than a little blue clothed fairy with face composed of 3 dashes ...

Bar Code

Even something as simple as a bar code can go wrong.

ps. Thank you all for your emails, and pictures, I'm sorry that I don't have time to reply. Most of the pictures you send me are pretty ugly but some of them lack the "horrible" factor so they land on the waiting list. Thanks for your support, and enjoy the tats !


Dragon Ball tattoo gone bad... 

Cool Tat

Rip tattoos are soooo cooool !!11. Just imagine an 8 fingered alien-facehugger-like bone hand coming out form  a spinal cord - and all this tattooed on an arm ! Gee cool as hell ...   

Skull Mask

I wonder if he paid for this ? But probably it was done for free because someone wanted to try if he/she can tattoo left-handed blindfolded and drunk as hell.

Random Shoulder Piece

Those aren't ugly, but thanks to the randomness and this weird rebus-like feeling it evokes - I welcome this tattoo to our collection.

Skully Thingy

Octopus-like skull eating chains which all of a sudden embed into the bone 

Sun Flower Eye

It's an eye and it's pissed on you. 

The Sun, The Moon and Angels

The constant battle for ultimate cuteness has its victims 


Regina must be proud, her badly written name on a pice of dough looks pretty sparkly on this guy's arm

ps. It's 501 post in this collection, I suck at noticing things like anniversaries and round number posts (And I didn't notice the 500 post yesterday), but hey, 500 is quite a lot 

Lady in Red

An awesome piece from one of the UK's best tattooists, Bez of Triple Six Tattoo

Ooh la la!

It just doesn't get much better than Jeff Gogue's French Maid.

It's a sign!

Denis Prevost's Virgo lady doesn't look to virginal to me!

Let's Have A Quiz 4

An unfinished hairy sword ? 

Artistic Nude!

I love Claire Reid's style, even on this unfinished piece

Udderly terrific!

Nice cowgirl, Joe Capobianco.

I've got a thermometer...

..that'll keep you bedridden for a week! ARF! Another signature Joe Capobianco nurse

That Glass Is Going To Fall

Honestly, Jamie Schene.

Tribal Lion

Failed tribal and even worse animal tattoo (the lion looks retarded)

Mmm, Nyargh!

I can't work out whether she's afraid or trying to seduce me. Obviously intenional amiguity from Nikko Hurtado!

Back Tat Girl

Tribal and a failed portrait which looks like it has molded

Nesquik Bunny ?

Now with a stick and a peace t-shirt + screwed proportions, wry face and some gratuitous ugliness

Make Sure She's The One

Before you give a present on International Women's Day, think twice ...

Tomarrow Never Knows

Tom-Arrow would make more sense, hail to the misspelled tattoo.

Egiptian Face

It would be funnier if this face had the mouth/navel gimmick ... it looks repulsive.

Dog Tags

Dog Tag tattoos are stupid, even if they are made to commemorate someone, they still are. And these are coming out of an arm ! 

A Virgin (Maybe Mary)

There's something horribly wrong with her nose (Insert Michael Jackson joke here), let alone the fact that she looks as if she was made out of stone.

4-Legged Animal

Perverted hyena with a stick ? 

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