This year went over the top crazy for :

-Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

-Street style
Stockholm streetstyle

-Balmain's spring 09 collection - sharp shoulders
Balmain,Spring 09

-Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa

2009 has been awesome!
I hope 2010 will be even better...
In 2010, I want to...

Go partying and have fun

Find love

Find a true best friend

Capture every beautiful memory I see and evoke others' emotions

Explore my imagination, go crazy and be high on life


I heart Alice and shaved heads

First of all, did everyone have a super dooper uber cool Christmas? I don't really celebrate Christmas that much other then getting presents and putting up a Christmas tree. I actually prefer boxing day over Christmas because I get to take advantage of all the good bargains! And I did, but I was expecting to use 6 months worth of pocket money but only ended up using about $65 yay yippeee hoobidoobee!

Anyway, last time I promised to show you some pics of my new haircut and here they are! I also made the tee that I'm wearing, very cool eh?


Currently my favourite model and has been for a while. With her shaved hair, ripped tights and grungy punk look, how could you possibly not love her?

Alice Dellal

Ok, so I'm quite bored with my blog layout and have been emailing and commenting other blogs with nice layouts to tell me what they use and how they do it but none of them are really helping. Does anyone know any good websites with codes and stuff to make my blog look simple and awesome at the same time? No layouts with pictures in the background though! I want a layout like these blogs: x x

Who's feelin' my new Alice header? I luurve it haha, hope you guys love it too.

ALSO, to the anonymous person who commented on my last post saying, "You couldn't make yourself look more like a tweenie bopper fan girl if you tried." Fuck off and maybe spend your spare time volunteering for charity, not looking at a blog that you aren't interested in. Besides that, I love all of my readers, commenters and followers. Keep 'em coming guys, love you!


Hi, I would really love to do you.

OK, I totally apologise in advance for cramming so much shit in one post! : )

So I have spent the last couple of days filling up my brain with All time low (pop/punk band) goodness. I have been searching the band members on Google, looking up their youtube videos and stalking their twitter accounts. Why you ask? They're my new favourite band and they are soooo effing hot. Well, 3/4 of them are. Teehee.

My favourite guy from the band is Jack Barakat, he's really funny and talks dirty all the time : ) He's the first guy in these photos. I also love Zack, a lot.

All time low

OMFGGGG pause it at 1.42, ahhh Zack is so goddamn sexy haha.


Ash Stymest

In other news, I finally got the haircut that I have wanted for such a long time. I got one side shaved off just like Alice and Cassie. I absolutely love it! I'll post some pics of it next time.

ALSO. After my full-on Jack Barakat stalking session, I found out that he had Twitter, so I think that I'll be using twitter more often now that I know he has an account! Follow me -HERE!- I don't really understand Twitter, but I'm working on it!

P.S. Thanks heaps for the birthday wishes but it's quite sad that no one knows who that model is from the Cheap Monday's website is! Bahaha.

P.P.S. or P.S.S.? Hahaha anyway, sorry for not replying to your comments people! I've been a bit busy hanging out and stalking Jack. I'll to keep up in the future!


Woooh! I went christmas shopping yesterday for my family and found some things for me too. I got these Minkpink floral bike shorts and a fluoro pink quilted chain bag. Yay so happy with my purchases also because they were on sale! The shorts were $12 and the bag was $12.50.


First pic is of me and my best friend forever, second is my spongebob cake. You can't really see the spongeboby-ness because there are so many candles haha. The third pic looks like bad photography, which it is, but I like it and the last is of me and my other friend doing something really random :)


Some of the cool presents that i got...


One last thing,
I was looking at Cheap Monday's website for the first time in ages, and came across this super spunk model. Don't know who he is, but would love to know! Anyone? Please? Hahahah.

Cheap monday

Schveeeeet 16!

Twas my birthday on Saturday, I turned a sweet 16! I had my party that night, there was music, a spongebob cake, watermelon shaped into Christmas trees and fairy lights. We watched Adventureland; it was an ok movie, very sexual though haha. I got some super dooper uber cool presents, but I'll post some photos next time along with some pics of the party.

So a great thing about me being 16 is that I get a raise in my pocket money. But the bad thing about that is that I now have to pay for my own phone credit and pay for my friend's birthday presents! Not fair, so much for a raise, I'm pretty much getting the same amount of money as before! Hahahah no.


Oh, and Ash Stymest,

Ash Stymest



I am so in love with this new collection. Anything inspired by Barbie is always awesome! I love the models' platinum blonde, blunt fringed wigs. Way too cool for school.


Ok so now I have finally finished year 10! So glad that all the exams are over, who actually likes exams anyway? Hahahaha well I told you guys when I first started this blog that I suck at maths, well I have some evidence. I got 25% on my maths exam! It doesn't really matter, I'm not doing it ever again, so effing glad. Sadly, I'm going into year 11 next year which means more studying and less blogging. Boo hoo.

In the mean time, I'm on holidays which means heaps of shopping and it's also my birthday soon! I am really lusting over an Alexander Wang black Coco duffel bag with gold studs or a blue Brenda zip bag. Maybe I'll find a fake one on ebay or I could get a fake lookalike of the Brenda bag from Sportsgirl for 40 bucks, I say yes! :)

RihannaAlexander Wang
Alexander WangMary Kate Olsen

Right now I'm watching this years Victoria's Secret fashion show on youtube and I must say, I hate the stage and the dancers in the middle are really annoying and distracting! My favourite so far has been the one from 2007, but then again, that was the first one I actually watched when I was just getting into fashion!

One last thing... I was away for that last 5 days if you hadn't already noticed, and I was very glad to see when I came back that I had gotten an extra 14 followers! Thanks heaps guys for following.

Fairy floss

So it's been nearly a week since I last posted, sorry guys! Heaps have happened in the past week, but I'll tell you in my next post. Anyway, I'm in the mood for mass consumption of fairy floss and it has inspired me to dedicate a whole post to it. Yummy yummy yummy.

John Galliano
Emanuel Ungaro
PhotobucketFairy floss
John Galliano
Natalia Vodianova

P.S. Does anyone from Melbourne know when the Victoria's secret show airs on tv? And what channel?

Shh it's a secret!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been studying for my lame exams :)

Anyway, so I was really excited to watch the 2009 VS fashion show. The moment it was over, I youtubed it and I got some results haha. Looking at the photos, my favourite bit was the PINK planet segment, but then again, that's always my favourite because it's so fun and crazy and I love seeing models smile! Can't wait til it airs in Australia so I can get the full version! My gosh, Erin Heatherton is definitely my favourite Angel and overall model at the moment, she's so pretty! Anyway, here are some of my faves, hope you like them.

I am totally in love with these balloon angel wings!
Victoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09,Heidi Klum
Victoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09,Miranda Kerr
Victoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09,Behati PrinslooVictoria's secret 09,Candice Swanepoel
Victoria's secret 09,Maryna Linchuk
Victoria's secret 09,Candice Swanepoel
Victoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09,Abbey Lee KershawVictoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09
Victoria's secret 09,Erin Heatherton

Just by looking at these pics I have died bananas! Also, from two posts ago, many of you commented on my blog asking me what is fairy bread? OH MY GOD. It's just hundreds and thousands dipped on buttered bread. I think it may be an Australian thing that's why. Try it, it's yummy and looks super cool!