Hey Gringo!

Holy Shit, Nikko Hurtado!

Mike does Gil

Mike DeVries does a wonderful Gil Elvgren pin-up

Feelin' Blue

Hannah Aitchison can make even the undead look hot.


This tat stinks ! (Now I'm the one using bad puns)

Skull, Snake and a Sword

This happens when you want to have a radical, bad-ass tattoo a little bit too much.

Three Drunk Frogs

His only friends.

You Don't Know Jack

Almost a pun. Jack Sparrow looks like a Smurf ...

Phat Neck

More lovely work from Tim Hendricks, especially the spiderweb detail.

Bad Angel

Just because it's your back it does not mean that you can hire someone who should have finished his / hers art career at etch-a-sketch. And what's with the head ? Half a brain ?


I love Carmen Electra (especially when she got snotted on by King Kong in the extras of Scary Movie 3*) so naturally I adore this perfect Mike De Vries portrait.

*Yes, I've seen the extras of Scary Movie 3. What of it?

Nice backpiece!

Simple but classy Dave Bryant pin-up.

Virgin Mum!

A classic Joe Capobianco pinup

A Picture-Perfect Portrait

Slyvester Stallone's favourite tattooist Mike De Vries with a stunning colour piece!


Another vintage Jeff Gogue piece


Superb old school mermaid from Clarity.

A Tartan Tart

Nice Scottish pin-up from Johanna this time, and I love the owl on her leg. Missing a can of Tennants Export though.

Johannother one

2nd Johanna piece today

Nighty Night

Thought that today I'd post a series of lovely pin-ups by Johanna of Bluebird Tattoo, Vasteras, Sweden.

Winged Retarded Mermaids

Even though it may not be finished, It's utterly horrific. These were supposed to be either two crippled angels (winged mermaids ?) or some kind of Voldemort babies

Hey, good lookin!

Keith Ciamarello does a wonderful Gil Elvgren pin-up

Ahoy, there!

I love pin-up tattoos with tattoos! Such a good example from Clarity here...

You have to hand it to him...

Tim Hendricks is bloody good.


Yep, the punk will never die with fans like this one.

A Stitch n' Bitch, heh!

Another lovely Hannah Aitchison pin-up!

Shamrocks 'n' Shenanigans!

*hic* Nice old skool piece by Clarity *hic*

Don't Call Me Babe

A more conventional Sean Herman piece - a Pam Anderson portrait

Green With Envy

Another great example of Sean Herman's skewed use of colour. Either that or She-Hulk is looking better these days...

What was the Question?

Nice Sean Herman piece. I love his use of colour

Classic pin-up of the day!

Nice black n grey work from Rich Helton. I love the use of white highlighting in this - ever so subtle...

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