And now for something a little different....

Not quite 'pin-up', I admit, but the cute expression is rendered so well, I had to include it. By Hector Cedillo.

Ear Ear!

I adore these cute, behind the ear micro pinups from Ben Grillo. How small?!

Vegas, Baby, Vegas

Just got back from Vegas, so what better way to start back on the blog than with two from one of Vegas' finest, Jime Litwalk, who inexplicably works for Hart & Huntington.

Flaming Dagger

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be artistic or manly, the flames and the skin-piercing parts look rather pathetic. What I can say for sure is that this guy is a gamer, since every gamer knows that blades on fire are better than the regular ones.

There's Something In This Smile

Say cheeeeezeeeee


R I S P E C T ... the irony.

Douche Tribal Tat

1. Tribal (chain ?) tat - check
2. Face expression that makes it uncomfortable to be with him in the same room - check
3. You can see his underwear - check
4. Ugly circle tats around nipples and navel - triple check

Yes, you pass the douche tat test, congratulations ! Now you can put your shirt on and don't forget to pop the collar.

No Skool Like The Old Skool

I love Dawnii's old school work - her ladies are always so distinctive and pretty! Here are some of my favourites.

And I'll leave you with that til the end of the month - Pin Up Tattoos is now on holiday til late October! WOOOOO hoo!

'If I win, you become my slave...'

Hackers-era Angelina Jolie, by Bob Tyrell. WOW!