Meng Qian, a Chinese TV host, molested on live TV (video)

Meng Qian (孟茜), a 26-year-old sexy TV host from Mainland China, was molested by a fan on live TV.

Meng Qian molested on live TV

As reported on Yahoo! Malaysia, the harrassment happened while Meng Qian was co-hosting "Lady Guagua" (Lady 呱呱), a talk show being aired on Star TV.

The male fan initially asked for an autograph and a handshake from Meng Qian when he suddenly seized the opportunity to grab Meng Qian's breast.

The fan was immediately stopped, but the report didn't state what happened to him after he did that to the TV host.

Watch a video of how Meng Qian was molested on live TV:

If the video above isn't working on your browser, watch it HERE.

Video uploaded on Youku by lady呱呱 2011

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