Transformers top : Jay Jays + DIY $10
Black shirt : eBay $30
Army jacket : Deborah K $12
Shorts : I.D.S $40
Sunnies : Karen Walker $120

I'm on school holidays right now! Been having a swell time chilling with friends and not doing homework or studying for my final exams! Anyhoo, moving on from the shitty topic of school.. I'm upset that Collingwood lost the grand final. But it's good because the real football (soccer) is back this weekend! COME ON MELBOURNE VICTORY! I"ll be at AAMI Park Saturday night for the match so come and look for me. So my demented friend Alex is trying to find my blog in the interwebz. He even made a blog just to post 'IVY I AM GOING TO HUNT YOU DOWN NO MATTER WHAT. I. WILL. FIND. YOU" but sadly he is never going to find my blog because he has no brain. I really love the top I'm wearing because Transformers is my life and i love anything purple... like purple Powerade. Yeah, this post doesn't really make sense. I just had no idea what to write. xo


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