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Is there even a link between improving sexual fitness and exercise such as yoga. Over the centuries, has developed a practice of yoga always focus on the lives of massive sexual health.
I have discussed the spiritual and sexual contact and intimacy between yoga by Ellen Barrett in her book, Yoga exciting. And focuses on the provision of one body in harmony with the mind and spirit. Sexual awareness through yoga is deeper and more intimate. These exercises, which are useful to you and your partner, and they combine to control breathing and meditation postures. Yoga is the discovery of the joys of elegant sexuality.
yoga1 Ten asanas for good sexThe healing power of Yoga is so strong that people who are weak in terms of physiological and to some extent, or even may be completely unable to regain its strength as the revival of their physical health through yoga. Many people recognize that the marital relationship is improving after taking yoga.

Enrich your love life with Yoga Asana
1) the creation of "Lotus Padmasana" Padmasana is the position of all the excellent practice of meditation, and regards it as one of the best position to focus. It stimulates the pelvis, spine, abdomen, bladder, and extends to the ankles, knees and also strengthens the semen and sperm. Correct the disorder of women in the menstrual cycle and improves the chances of pregnancy. The spread of technology or a blanket and a rug to sit on the ground with both legs spread straight in front of the body while keeping your spine erect. Slowly and carefully, and take hold of your right foot and put it at the top of the opposite thigh, sole facing upwards and your heel close to your abdomen. When this feels comfortable, bend the other leg and place your foot on top of the opposite thigh. Ideally, the knees must touch the ground in the final position. It should hold your head and spine upright and should be relaxed shoulders and arms.

Also make sure not to press on both your thighs and knees against the floor. Finally, keep your elbows slightly bent and the development of the wrists of both hands on the knees of them, palms facing upwards. Now close your eyes, relax your entire body and breathe deeply through your nose. In the exercise of 10 to 12 days', one can maintain this asana for 10 minutes.



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