Unused shoes, shades of red and another creation

Ello people,
How are you today?
I have a thing for buying items and never using them. In this case, it is shoes!

These leopard print gumboots were from Target and were 12 Aussie dollars. I bought them before winter and have never used them! I do love them though. They've just been sitting under my bed collecting dust.

These brogues were from Rubi shoes and were 15 dollars marked down from 50 dollars. These are actually my favourite pair of shoes but I just haven't gotten around to wearing them outside yet!


Right now I love all things red and pink.




Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson
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I made this eyeglass necklace a few days ago. I stuck some pink diamontes on it.


I also stuck diamontes on my old bag that my mum gave me. I'm not finished, I plan to glue on some blue ones as well.



Lilee xx
P.S. If you were wondering who the model was from my last post in the FLORAL TRIBUTE, it's Olivia O'Driscoll.

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