Sleeveless shirt : Justin fashions $30
Sheer shirt : Thrifted $7
Skirt : DIY
Sunnies : Princes Vintage $15

Photos by A. My obsession with the American flag escalated when I saw this amazing sleeveless shirt the other day! I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it. I also found this amazing sheer shirt with bead detailing all over it in an op shop the other day for $7. AGH, $7! I've been browsing some stores lately for some sheer shirts and have decided that I'm going to get another black one from Supre for $30 I think it is? I wouldn't normally pay that much for a sheer shirt but I just need a proper black one on my life. Badly. I'm off to Sydney for the day tomorrow, maybe I'll get it then. Maybe Sydney will be the topic of my next post! x

Higher - Taio Cruz ft. Kylie Minogue. I can't stop listening to this song at the moment. May I just say that Kylie is still pretty spunky for a 42 year old! Pwoaaaaah rolling around in the back of the limo like that ahaha.

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