Skirt with braces : DIY
T shirt : By Manikinn but won it in a giveaway
Sunnies : ? $12
Tights : eBay $10
Boater hat : Jay Jays (UGH I KNOW) $5
Clog platforms : China $40

Hey guys, I made this skirt with suspenders on Thursday after realising I had nothing to wear to a party I was invited to yesterday! I'm pretty proud of it actually, it's very cute. After the party, my friends and I got stranded at Southern Cross station because there were no trains! The elastic on these amazing shoes broke, bloody cheap shoes haha so I had to walk around in these tights and it was too gross. We ended up getting home at about 2 am. Gosh, it was so good, I wanna do it again. Anyone up for that? Anyhoo, I'm going on a helicopter ride tomorrow, maybe I'll get some pretty shots for you guys! x

PS Can't stop listening to this song - We r who we r by Ke$ha. Gets me dancing like a looney bin.

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