NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft
With a choice of 62 of Pride of Detroit Mock Draft 2011 NFL, Chicago Bears select Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter. The analyst is serving as the Director of the Bears’ year, and his mind for the selection below.
This was a very easy choice for me. One of the Hudson and Carpenter, but there was no doubt that you have to deal with the line of attack. Carpenter who has experience as a treatment, and expected some guards, but I have no doubt that he would upgrade a position on the attack bears the current line. Drafting Marvin Austin in one round and helped young people in addition to defense and fill a giant hole in the D-line, but need the Bears’ top, I think, still the line of attack.
Najjar is the hammer in the run game, which should be very excited about Matt Forte. And the need to protect the bears, Jay Cutler, as fans, the Lions know the offense Martz Mike can be brutal on the QB, so there is a chance really good and we will select at least one more lineman offensive in this project and the search for targets in free agency, whenever that occurs in reality.
The Orlando Franklin will be chosen, but taken earlier, fortunately, even one of my Chicago Bears Top prospects for the second round was still available. The other considerations will Rackley, Clint Bowling, Gilbert Marcus, Little Greg Jernigan and Jerrel. When I weighed my board against Carpenter, the need and value is the only option.

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