Cardigan : thrifted $1
Leopard shirt : thrifted $5
Skirt : DIY
Sunnies : Princes Vintage $10
Brogues : General Pants $50

Hola amigos, how are y'all today? Good I hope.
I wore this yesterday to a friend's house. This cardigan is probably my favourite cardigan I own, and what sucks is that it has shrunk a bit. So it's gone from the perfect level of bagginess to just the perfect fit. I liked it better before but I'm glad it isn't too small! Also, look at my footwear.. they're brogues! I haven't worn anything other than Vans for the past month haha. It's a nice change. Anyway, right now I'm sitting at home procrastinating and listening to The Wombats on repeat. Fun. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! xo

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