100th post + confession!

Hey guys, guess what, after about 10 months of blogging, I have finally gotten to my 100th post!
So for my 100th post, I decided to do something special. Maybe tell you guys more about meeee? So here's a something something about me.


I haven't had a best friend for years, I would really like one but I can't find one. I feel like I could easily find one in the fashion blogging world, but that would be pretty hard to get.

I love skinny guys with muscle. I'm not into bulky guys.

I suck at maths. So. so. bad.

I've never been in a relationship. I'm hoping I'll be in one by the end of the year. I do however have my eye on someone...

I drink a lot of milk, and I only drink the no fat variety.

I'm short for my age. 158 cm to be exact? Gah so annoyed.

I have two sewing machines in my garage!

I'm hoping to get a part time job soon at Dangerfield. So be on the look out for me! Teehee.

My style icons are Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Pixie Geldof and Chloe Sevigny.

I hope to be a successful fashion designer someday and open up a store just like Sportsgirl then slowly have stores popping up all over the world!

Because I live in the land down under, I ride a kangaroo to school and I socialise with koalas! Ok, not really...

I only wear high waisted skirts.

I am slowly becoming obsessed with pretty boucle jackets!

When I'm older, I want at least 3 tattoos. Subtle ones like the ones that Erin and Freja have.

I have at least one banana everyday.

I get $20 pocket money a week. Booooooo!


Acne | Jeffrey Campbell | Jimmy Choo | Vans | DKNY | Proenza Schouler

Now for the major confession.

My name isn't Lilee. I only called myself a fake name because I was spilling my whole life out on this blog. I guess now that I'm 16, I can deal with everyone knowing my name! I've been thinking about revealing my name for a while now, but I thought wait until the 100th post and make it that much more special!

My real name is Ivy! Welcome to the fashion blogging world Ivy!

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