OK, I really do think Christopher Kane is trying to kill me with these amazing outer space digital prints on his latest resort collection! If you think about it, the pieces are really very simple, it's just the prints on the fabric make it burst with awesomeness. My favourite outfit is the first one- with the blue tee tied up under the chest and the long pink skirt, the contrasting colours look so heavenly. Haha, the shoes are kinda interesting!
These tees from youreyeslie are brilliant. I love the massive prints and the cut outs on the shoulders and lower stomach area! If I were to get this, I'd get a baggy one like the one on the right and wear it with my beloved high waisted denim shorts.

Ohhh this bodysuit from Black Milk is over the top lush. I wish I could pull it off though, I mean, who wouldn't want an American astronaut on their tummy? Damn straight I would. P.S. I want that model's hair!

These necklaces from Finestra are kinda fantastical, I've always wanted to have a whole universe hanging off my neck. Even better, each purchase will have 20% donated to a charity of your choice.


So, as you can see, I am quite obsessed with digital out-of-this-world galaxy prints right now. I actually own about six t shirts and a bag and am yet to buy a Christopher Kane jumpsuit. Maybe after 4500 shifts at my new majorly non existent job.

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