Hola amigos!
You guys remember when I said I had a job interview at Subway? Well I got it but I turned it down. Sorry, but $7.85 an hour is not enough plus a stupid eight hour quiz is too much! Good news though, after a long wait, I have been called up by a place that I applied for, a bowling alley! I have the interview tomorrow, wish me luck. I'LL FINALLY HAVE SOME GODDAMN $$$.

Anyhoo, here are some of my favourite pieces from my jewellery collection.

Photos by me.

1. Diva ring - $3
2. Snake ring - $3, Lion ring $3, Elephant ring $3 - All from Diva
3. Cross pendant necklace - Gift
4. Green gemstone ring - $2, Black, green and silver ring - $2 both from Collette accessories and Green hologram gemstone ring - $25 from Kinki Gerlinki
5. Wings necklace - $3 from Diva

P.S. I know, I've been talking about the World Cup a lot lately, I actually really can't help it. Me, being Australia's national Soccer team's biggest fan, would be absolutely heartbroken and in tears if Australia does not get to host the 2022 World Cup so I need you guys to help! Click on this link and please put your name down! Haha even if you're from a competing nation, DO IT!
Also, here's the facebook page and if you did put your name down, could you tell me in your comment? I'm curious as to how much I've made a difference! xx

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