Angel Locsin still a Folded & Hung endorser

Because of the never-ending speculations that Angel Locsin is no
longer an endorser of Folded&Hung, a new statement has been posted on Facebook by F&H to clear things up.

According to the statement, Angel is still an F&H brand ambassador.
"Hi Guys! Thank you for always supporting Folded and Hung...For the
record, Angel Locsin is still part of the family. Her Summer shoot was postponed due to her busy schedule (tv and movie shooting)."

People started to speculate that Angel is no longer endorsing the said clothing brand when Venus Raj was recently introduced as its newest endorser thru a Summer 2011 swimwear ad campaign while Angel, who had super hot swimwear pics for F&H in Summer 2010, has no new shots coming up this season.

Some are believing the rumor that Angel hasn't renewed her contract
yet with F&H while others believe that Angel's weight gain was the
reason why she has no Summer 2011 ad for this particular endorsement.

I've also read some comments on FB saying that they will no longer buy
F&H items if Angel is not anymore the endorser.

So, with that statement by F&H, hopefully the speculations will end
already and everyone's hoping now that Angel will still have her new F&H shots coming up this Summer despite busy sked.

On Twitter, Angel shared that she just had a shoot in Bangkok, Thailand and let's hope that she'll also find a time to shoot for an
F&H ad.

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