Azkals vs Bangladesh Results: Azkals wins, 3-0, advances to AFC Challenge Cup 2012

The Philippine Azkals have made us so proud when they won earlier vs Bangladesh with a score of 3-0, during their final match in the AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Qualifiers.

That's more than what we've expected right?

The Azkals vs Bangladesh match happened at Myanmar's Bogyoke Aung San Stadium, 3:30 PM, (5:00 PM Manila Time) and despite having no live TV coverage, the live updates from ABS-CBN's Dyan Castillejo and Inquirer's Cedelf Tupas were enough to keep us updated with the game. (Read live updates HERE).

And definitely, they're more than enough for us to celebrate with the victory of the Azkals, who now qualifies for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup.

The Azkals indeed played amazingly, most especially Ian Araneta who scored the first goal and Angel Aldeguer Guirado who scored the next two goals. The deliveries of the goal were reportedly so much impressive!

Group A Final Team Standing:
1. Palestine (2 wins, 1 draw) 7 points
2. Philippines (1 win, 2 draws) 5 points

3. Bangladesh (1 win, 2 losses) 3 points
4. Myanmar (1 draw, 2 losses) 1 point

And so far, these are the teams who have already qualified for the 2012 AFC Challange Cup:

Group A: Palestine and Philippines
Group B: India and Turkmenistan
Group C: Maldives and Tajikistan
Group D: (still to be determined)

And what's more amazing is that, the Philippines is the only one so far from among the 8 lowest-ranked teams (those who went through the pre-qualifiers) who has already qualified for the final tournament.

A well-deserved "hero's welcome" awaits the Philippine Azkals as they come back to Manila this Sunday.


@Jsabio3 (Jason Sabio) "What a feeling! Thank you to all the Azkal fans!! This win was for y'all and for us. Pinoy Pride! Let's celebrate this historic moment!! :)"

@anton_delro (Anton del Rosario) "Great win, good feeling, priceless!!! Thank you all for the support, couldn't have done it without you guys!"

@alybor11 (Aly Borromeo) "On to the final 8.. What a sweet victory! History in the books once more!! Thank you everyone for your undying support! :)"

@Neil38Etheridge (Neil Etheridge) "Heya all! Thank you for your support! Massive win! The team played well! Celebrations!"

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