Myanmar Earthquake, Thailand Earthquake 2011: 7.0 magnitude quake in Burma and Thailand border

Myanmar and Thailand were both hit by a strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake Thursday night, March 24, 2011.

The earthquake struck near the border of Burma (Myanmar) and was felt strongly in its neighboring countries such as in northern Thailand, particularly in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, parts of China, Laos and even in Hanoi, Vietnam.

CNN reports at least 25 people were killed: 1 woman was killed when a roof collapsed in the Thailand earthquake while 24 casualties reported for Burma.

The quake's epicenter, according to the CNN report, was 589 km (365 miles) northeast of Yangon, Myanmar and 772 km (479 miles) north of Bangkok, Thailand.

No tsunami warning was issued.

Watch a video report from CNN:

The Myanmar and Thailand Earthquake happened 2 weeks after the Japan quake which killed almost 10 thousand people and over 17 thousand still missing as of this posting.

Video upload courtesy of axis4peace3

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