Kim Kardashian Song

Kim Kardashian Song:
We thought at the beginning and reality TV star - turned into a budding pop singer Kim Kardashian dream of producing and one was called "Run it up," but it turns out the so-called jam, eh, "jam". Ryan Seacrest premiered on his KIIS-FM Los Angeles show this morning. You can hear it below!

Kardashian, is just one of many women linked to Justin Bieber in the past, for the first time in the beginning, "Jam" in a nightclub in Las Vegas Tao New Year's Eve. "They were the whole crowd, do not even know the words, like singing along at the end of the game and was really mad," Kim told Ryan Seacrest this morning.

She was accompanied to the studio of her sister, Kourtney, Kim Seacrest because as I said, was visibly nervous. "I think it was natural for me to be nervous," she said on the air. "Son of Man. I've never sang before. This is definitely something that I do not do that."

Well, let's see if Kim has nothing to be nervous about ...

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